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The crime of Julian Assange, for which UK judges seek to impose punishment, is for exposing corruption. It is clear that the Governments in UK and Australia, are engaged in corruption to protect Politicians, Judges, Lawyers, Public Servants and Agents engaged in corruption. Despite an Investigation made by United Nations in 2015, that  found that the human rights of Julian Assange were violated, it appears that the UK government just like Australia, do not respect human rights and government officials think themselves above the laws and abuse their public office to destroy the lives of anyone that dares to expose the corruption of public officials. The case of Julian Assange is a clear violations of human rights and it appears that the Australian government does not care one bit that an Australian Citizen, is living in the conditions that Julian Assange has been living to this date. It is not surprise that Judges seek punish Assange for exposing corruption, while Governments like the Australian government protects corruption in the Legal system of Judges and Politicians that have been paid by the Australian tax payers, while they were not entitled to those payments and corrupt Politicians protect one another in Parliaments. The Corruption of Politicos seek to punish people exposing corruption, like Julian Assange, while the corruption protects organizations like the OTO in Australia that has been linked to corrupt personalities like Alister Crowley the big man of the OTO and one of the most corrupt and degenerate person that ever walked on this earth and whom engaged not only in Paedophila but also in Satanic rituals and now OTO claims it is a religion and it is protected by the Corruption in Australia. These is the way that Corruption works, while Governments in UK and Australia seek to panish people for exposing Corruption, and now Corrupt Politicos in the Liberal State and Federal Governments, seek to change the Defamation laws in Australia, so that companies are able to sue people that expose the Criminality and Corruption of Corporations and of its officers. The case of Julian Assange is just one example of many Cases of Corruption in Australia.




Investigations by CNA News has revealed that there may be people working at United Nations that may be engaged in Corruption and seeking to Prevent the Investigations of Complaints made against Australia. CNA News has information, that Complaints made against Australia, has been Rejected by the UN Complaints Sections, without proper considerations and allegations that the complaints did not comply with the UN Rules. One complaint made against Australia, which was rejected recently, is the case of Helen Tsigounis in which Judges, Lawyers, Doctors and the Medical Boards of Queensland and Victoria are involved, and more information can be obtained from the Website Dr Helen Tsigounis. NCA News will continue the Investigations.


CNA News has information and evidence that the Judicial and Political Corruption is Australia, is nation wide, with Judges, Politicians, Lawyers and Magistrates, involved in corrupt practices to protect their connections that may be in high places. The corruption also includes violations of human rights in Australia, and specially the violation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to which Australia signed with United Nations. Judgments and Transcripts of cases reveals that Judges and Lawyers do not have a problem in engaging in corruption to damage the careers and the lives of Australians citizens to protect their corrupt connections in Australia.

CNA News will continue with the investigations of these matters and reporting.

Corrupt Practice By Australian Judges

The case of Dr Helen Tsigounis is one of  many in cases  and the  bigest by  far,  in which  Australian Judges  have acted corrupt.   Judge Judith Gibson from the District Court of NSW  in May 2018,  in a Judgment relating to a Defamation case against the Guardian Australia,  Facebook Australia Pty Ltd and another,  made a number of corrupt allegations and one which  made allegations that the Plaintiff, Pedro Alfaro,  had modified the logo of the International Criminal Court, without having any evidence to supprt her corrupt malicious allegations and to this date Judge Gibson, has ignored and refused to clarify her allegations or provide the evidence.  What is more damaging is that Judge Gibson, even sent her Judge to a Private Company,  called United Nations Associasion of Australia, which is not part of the United Nations and the actions of Judge Gibson was to damage the reputation of Pedro Alfaro  with her criminal allegations.  This is how low, Australian Judges can get,  to protect other Judges, Magistrates and Politicians  involved in corruption in Australia.   The full story of  the corruption that have damaged the lives  of Helen Tsigounis  and Pedro Alfaro  will be  publshed by  ACN News in futre publications.

Judicial Corruption

The corruption in Australia, appears to have stayed, since the time convicts were brought to the colonies by the United Kingdom Empire.  There is also much information that Australia is not what appears to be,  an  Independent Nation as  corrupt politicians like to say.   If the judicial system, in England and Australia was corrupt at the time, so it is now.    There are many cases of Judicial corruption in Australia .